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New Skills...

In February 2015 I was taken on as an exams invigilator 
at The University of Essex.

I invigilate many different exams throughout the year 
including one-to-one sessions for those with special needs 
as well as the main exams during the spring and re-sits in September.

I’m able to invigilate at any educational facility as I am fully trained.

I’ve also completed training as a Fire Evacuation Steward.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hobbies and Interests...

I enjoy taking long walks around where I live, 
and I usually take my Nikon Coolpix with me.

I'm very much an amateur photographer
who simply enjoys taking photos of nature and architecture.

I submitted some photographs for the Colchester 24 project 
('A Day in the Life of Colchester'), 
and they used one of them on their home page on 23/10/2011.

Here is the Colchester24 website for more information about the project: 

I love my garden and I manage to combine my hobby of photography with blogging:

I also enjoy writing satire: 

I'm also involved in a Community Litter-Picking Project:

Friday, 4 April 2014

Education and Qualifications...

2005 – 2008 The University of Essex BA (Hons) Sociology 2:2 
On graduating, Karen was awarded a share of the David Roberts Memorial Prize for ‘exceptional achievement’ in recognition of her determination and hard work. 

First year courses for 2005-6 were: Introduction to Health and Human Sciences, Initial Italian, Researching Social Life 1, Sociology and the Modern World: Sociological Analysis 1 

Second Year courses for 2006-7 were: Continuity and Controversy in Sociology : Sociological Analysis 2, Researching Social Life 2, Health Illness and Society, British Culture and Society in the 20th Century, The Psychosocial Study of Disability. 

Third year courses were: Current Disputes In Sociology : Sociological Analysis 3, Media Culture and Society, Race Class and Gender. 

Third Year Project: (Dissertation): "What were women’s experiences at Davey, Paxman and Company during World War Two, and what impact did the presence of women workers have on the firm?". 

2004 – 2005 Access to Higher Education course at Colchester Institute 
Two credits at level 2, Eighteen credits at level 3. 
A pass in the Introductory Stage of Person-Centred Counselling. 

Level two: Numeracy / Statistics. 
Level three: Core Studies - Seminar Presentation / Working With Others / Developing Study Skills / Research Skills (2 Credits) / Academic Writing Skills. I.T - Word Processing / Databases & Spreadsheets. Sociology - Theory & Methods (2 Credits) / Families & Household (2 Credits) / Social Stratification (2 Credits). Intro to Counselling - Counselling in Practice (2 Credits) / Personal Development / Person Centred Theory.

2004 European Computer Driving Licence 
Word Processing, Basic Concepts of IT, File Management, Spreadsheets, Databases, Powerpoint Presentations, and Using the Internet.

2004 Passed the National Certificate in Adult Literacy Level 2 and Adult Numeracy, Level 2.

1993 Took a MENSA Supervised Test and achieved a score of 148 (IQ rating).

1989 Certificate of Attendance, 20 out of 20 sessions at the Pre-School Playgroup Course at Greyfriars Adult Education Centre, Colchester. This covered organisation, study of children and their group behaviour, importance of play and communication.

1975 - 1978 Sudbury Upper School ‘O’ Level / CSE Eight subjects including English Language and Mathematics.

Work Experience...

February 2015 - present: Exams invigilator for The University of Essex.

February 2009 – present: Part-time work at LIFE-FORCE a privately owned therapeutic Counselling Service.
Tasks include: Marketing Administrator, answering phone calls, website editing, filing, photocopying, responding to emails, dealing with the post.

December 2009 – September 2013: Volunteering at a British Heart Foundation shop.
Tasks included: Cashier, stock rotation, dealing with customer queries.

April/May 2010, May 2011, May 2012, November 2012 (PCC Elections), May 2013, April/May 2014, April/May 2015: Colchester Borough Council Elections Office.
Tasks included: Issuing postal votes, Opening postal votes, Poll Clerk.

February – December 2009: Volunteering at The Trinity Centre, a drop-in centre in Colchester, dedicated to promoting holistic and alternative therapies.
Tasks included: Assisting the public with courtesy, in person and on the telephone, logging all enquiries, ensuring there are adequate supplies of literature.

2006 – 2008: Volunteer advisor in the Student Union Advice Centre at The University of Essex
Tasks included: Advising students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds on a wide range of topics, including housing issues, visa applications, academic struggles, welfare and personal problems, and financial guidance, on a one-to-one basis.

2001 and 2002: Volunteer Committee member of the Colchester Free Festival organisation, a local event management company which ran for 3 years.
Tasks included: Attending regular pre-event meetings, learning about health and safety issues regarding outdoor events, hands-on assistance throughout the day of the event.

1998 - 2002: Owner of Platinum UK Entertainment Agency.
A UK based Entertainment Agency offering services to both performers and venues.
Tasks included: Identifying and approaching potential clients and developing client / customer liaison.
Provisional membership of the N.E.A.C. (National Entertainments Agents Council) 1998 & 1999.
Full membership of the N.E.A.C. 2000 & 2001.
Achieved finalist positions in 1999 in the New Company category, and in 2000 in the Customer Service category, judged by the Colchester and District Business Awards.

1994 - 1998: Voluntary membership secretary for Colchester Phoenix Amateur Swimming Club for mentally and physically disabled adults and children and their carers.
Tasks included: Developing fund raising skills, adhering to a strict code of client confidentiality, poolside assistance.

Getting Things Done...


Colchester Gazette, Friday 19th February 2010.

A REVAMPED train station was visited by a Government minister.

Chris Mole, transport minister with responsibility for railways, yesterday saw the improvements made at Colchester’s Hythe Station.

The station has been modernised with £600,000 of Government money to make it more attractive to passengers.

Greenstead resident Karen Waddy, who lobbied Colchester councillor Julie Young to ask for changes to the station, told Mr Mole she was pleased her requests had been granted.

She said: “I was called to jury duty in Chelmsford and I don’t drive. This station would have been perfect for me, but when I got down here, I was disgusted by the state of it.

“It is a shame the old station house had to go, but it definitely feels much safer now.”

The rundown Victorian station house was demolished and replaced with shelters, bicycle racks and digital timetable displays.

Essex County Council also paid for the platform to be extended to allow longer trains to stop there.

Despite the modernisation, the station still has no ticket machine and customers must buy a permit to travel to exchange later.

Mr Mole said the work was important because it would help ease congestion by encouraging people living in nearby new housing developments to use the train.

He said: “Having good access to public transport is key to sustainable development.”

Responding to the decision not to install a ticket machine, Mr Mole said: “You have got to have a really decent number of passengers to justify a ticket machine and if you put them in unstaffed locations, there is a high risk of vandalism.”

Passenger groups regularly call for more trains to be scheduled to call at Colchester Town from Hythe and other stations on the Clacton and Walton line, for the benefit of shoppers and people who work in the town centre.

Mr Mole said residents should make their views known as part of the Government consultation, which is taking place prior to the award of the regional rail franchise for the next ten years.

Kim Naish, Labour St Anne’s Colchester councillor, said: “We really want people in the area to use their local railway station.

“That will help ease congestion, which, of course is a serious problem in Colchester.

Magazine & Newspaper Articles...

Woman's Own, 19th March 2012 Issue, Page 26.

Colchester Gazette, Page 26, Monday 16th April 2012.


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